X100F on order!

Fuji X100F latest addition to our wedding photography cameras



We are excited to announce we have our latest Fujifilm camera on order, the X100F. This will be our 6th Fuji camera, and our our second in the X100 series.  For those of you still unfamiliar with the X-series cameras, the X100 are small, fixed lens cameras, virtually silent in operation and with a leaf shutter. As well as the low noise benefits, this also allows flash to be used all the way to the maximum shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second. This means fill in flash can be used even in a bright sunny day with a wide aperture. 

Prototype X100F camera in black. Photo by  Clive Blair Photography

Prototype X100F camera in black. Photo by Clive Blair Photography

The X100F features the same 24MP sensor as the X-Pro2 and X-T2, our current main wedding cameras. We see the X100F fitting in to our gear for silent bridal preparation photos, walk around after the ceremony and for first dance photos. We recently attended a meet up with several other professional wedding photographers using Fuji equipment, and our good friend and official X-Photographer Kevin Mullins brought along a prototype. We were seriously impressed with the handling and image quality and preordered a camera next day! Also present at the meet up at the Bath Brew House were fellow documentary wedding photographers Clive Blair, Lee Meek and Colin Nicholls. All great photographers and thoroughly nice chaps!

We anticipate getting our X100F around Feb 16th, so check back soon after then for our review!