Day in the Life Family Photography

Natural, RELAXED, and informal family photoshoots, no studio, no posing!

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Family photography memories of a "day in your life"

If you are the proud parents of of a young family, you will no doubt be aware of how quickly the children group up!  The years when your children are pre-school age through to primary school can fly by; we are parents of grown up kids and it doesn't seem five minutes since they were at school. As the kids grow up, you will want to have photography memories of them at this age of course. 

 Day in the Life family photography of the Bowman Family

Many families will arrange for formal studio portraits of the family, whilst the kids are still young. These portraits of course can be lovely; however any parent will know that the last thing young children want to do is sit still for a long period in a hot studio, in front of a white screen! Wouldn't it be better to have natural family, professional photos to look back on in the years ahead? How you lived on a typical day perhaps; what the kids did, how the family routine was, perhaps going to the park, and so on?

 Day in the Life family photography of the Bowman Family


For this reason, Sam and Steve Photography, are now offering "Day in the Life" style family photography. Photographing in a natural, relaxed and un-posed way, in the same way as our award winning documentary wedding photography, we provide real memories of your young family and a typical day in your lives together. Instead of stuffy, forced and un-natural posed photos in a studio, you get gorgeous real photos of your family in their normal family environment. See the Q and A below for more details. 

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  • What is a "Day in the Life" family photo shoot? 
    • Its a very relaxed and informal day with Samantha spending a day with you and your family. Popular in North America, a Day in the Life shoot typically starts with the kids getting up and finishes when they go to bed!  Sam is naturally at ease with your children, and they relax in her presence. By building their trust and friendship, she is able to capture natural, "fly on the wall" type photographs of the family during the day, without ever having to say cheese once! No studio is required or desirable, and only natural light is used unless flash is absolutely necessary. What you get is a true snapshot of "a day in your life", instead of cheesy posed pictures in a studio with a white background. A reminder to look back on as the family grows. 
  • Do you literally spend all day with us?
    • Ideally yes, as this allows Sam to capture the true essence and spirit of the family on a typical day. However we can also offer 1/2 day or 3 to 4 hour long shoots; perhaps for a special event like a birthday party, for example.
  • Will you travel to a location for the shoot; at a seaside holiday location for example?
    • Yes we will. Mileage charges may apply depending on location and distance from Bicester, Oxfordshire. 
  • What does it cost?
    • Prices start from from £250. Contact us here for a full price list. 
  • Do you photograph any family size or age of children?
    • Yes of course, although a day in the life photoshoot from our experience works best with pre school to early secondary school age children
  • What do I get from you following a "Day in the Life" session
    • Assuming its a full day shoot, we provide around 200 high resolution, professionally edited copyright restriction free images, either on USB key, secure download or both. You also get between 80 to 100 images (chosen by you), in a gorgeous 30 page Sim Imaging fold flat coffee table style album. There is no hard sell to by prints or photos at the end of the shoot, although of course you can do so if you wish. 
Back in March 2017 we had Sam come and photograph ‘Our Day in the Life” family photoshoot. She is so talented behind the lens and produced some stunning natural shots! Sometimes you don’t even realise she is taking a picture! We will treasure the photos forever! Thank you!!
— Olivia and Family

If you like the idea of a natural Day in the Life Family Photo shoot, we would love to hear from you. We are booking a limited number of shoots in the Summer and Autumn of 2017. Contact us here for more details!

Sam and Steve Vaughan

Day in the Life Family Photography

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